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    Default Bulstrode.

    My version from the Charabanc.

    Bulstrode House and estate.
    Situated near Gerrards Cross there are records going back to the 1300's.
    As with most of these old property's it has evolved significantly over the years with some famous/important owners such as The Lord Chancellor of England the theatrically named Hanging Judge Jefferies.

    Old pic by stu8fish, on Flickr

    The current house completed in 1865 for Edward Adolphus Seymour using some of the original building extending and adding to the building. Following his death the house passed through his daughter onto her son Sir John Frecheville Ramsden.
    Ramsden was responsible for rejuvenating and extensive planting of the grounds forming an extensive arboretum. Notable trees that can be seen today in the gardens at Bulstrode include the biggest Japanese cherry tree in Buckinghamshire. Other notable species are a Roble beech, Snowbell and Chinese rain tree. The garden used to boast the largest Turkey oak in Buckinghamshire.
    Further history of this fascinating house can be found here.
    Bulstrode Park and House – Bulstrode Camp Limited (BCL)


    On with the explore
    Visited with Brickworx on a cold day the approach was over a muddy field dodging the mad horses en route.
    Inside the building has been unsympathetically upgraded to house the trainee missionaries. Severely trashed and vandalised with smashed windows and damaged roofing the building is now a shadow of what it was. With the power still on exploring the cellars was easy but several times we were lost in the maze of corridors and stairs.
    On the roof there were great views over the park and gardens. There were several fire alarms beeping and the occasional banging door but exploring the interior went hassle free.
    Unfortunately, there were no external shots as we met the secca whilst exiting towards the Keep and the sunken garden. Planning permission has been granted for conversion into a hotel so apart from building massive car parks I hope the gardens will continue to be cared for.

    Court by stu8fish, on Flickr
    The rear courtyard

    Boiler room. by stu8fish, on Flickr
    Boiler room with power still on. The coal bunkers in the cellar were full of wood pellets for powering the heating system.

    Cellar by stu8fish, on Flickr
    Lights still on here. I turned them off on the way out, don't want to waste energy.

    UG Floor by stu8fish, on Flickr
    Lower ground floor

    Blue sweet. by stu8fish, on Flickr
    Stopped for a bath on the way up. Water was cold.

    Green by stu8fish, on Flickr
    Past the gents on the way up

    Ceilings by stu8fish, on Flickr
    Nice ceiling.

    Cartoon switch by stu8fish, on Flickr
    Careful where you put your fingers.

    House by stu8fish, on Flickr
    Shitty vandals.

    Blueish. by stu8fish, on Flickr
    The blue room with the live house in the background.

    Crowning glory. by stu8fish, on Flickr
    Light shade

    Staircase by stu8fish, on Flickr
    The stairwell.

    Looking up. by stu8fish, on Flickr
    Looking up

    Spiral by stu8fish, on Flickr
    Barber pole support.

    Grand. by stu8fish, on Flickr
    Landing. I just had to clone out the shit tagging.

    The Hall. by stu8fish, on Flickr
    The nice 1st floor hallway.

    Broken. by stu8fish, on Flickr
    Roof view.

    Derp courtyard. by stu8fish, on Flickr
    Front courtyard, we didn;t explore here as it was in full view of the local house.

    Derp by stu8fish, on Flickr
    Roof view.

    Desirables by stu8fish, on Flickr
    My dream car. (The Morris Ital) one up from my 1.8 auto Marina estate.

    Wall art by stu8fish, on Flickr
    Some wall sized art in an upstairs room.

    Clocked by stu8fish, on Flickr
    The tower clock workings.

    The mechanism by stu8fish, on Flickr
    Climbing the tower was worth it.

    Viewpoint red. by stu8fish, on Flickr
    The garden house was also open but secca made us miss it.

    In all a great day out even if we missed the externals.

    F,ing hippies. I shit hippies.

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    Febuary 2019
    F,ing hippies. I shit hippies.

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    That coach and stable block, so nice. Thanks.

  6. Thanks given by: Mearing
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    Great report Stu8fish! Some really great features there, good to hear that it might be converted rather than demolished, hopefully some of the grand bits will be retained
    Aversos Compono Animos

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    A good day out that was.....nice set Stu....missed the basement myself.
    'Covert Exploration Ops'

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    Nice set of pics, I too would of edited out the crap graff its ridiculous why anyone would want to do that!
    What the hell am I doing, I mean really at my age!

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