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Thread: Mike's House, Oxfordshire February 2020

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    Default Mike's House, Oxfordshire February 2020

    It's been a while since a nice large residential property reared it's ugly head in my back yard, this one was found by a friend of mine and I made sure to hot foot it over there before it was sealed or whatever. Althought the house is largely empty, with only a random selection of junk left behind, it was actually pretty nice inside with a large central entrance hall and staircase with a wrap-around gallery level and all the rooms branching off that.

    It looked like the house was in the very early stages of a renovation but then work stopped, probably due to money running out. I think originally it was an older property but has been rebuilt at some point so looks older than it is, there are certainly older elements to it but the whole finish seems slightly newer.

    I struggled to find out any information about it other than the name, and that the previous owner was apparently working for a couple of medical supply companies if Companies House is to be believed, but I'm taking that information with a pinch of salt.

    Despite how empty it was it was an enjoyable place to shoot, and nice to not have to travel a long way from home for once.

    Thanks for looking :)
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    Of all the dereliction that you've visited, you've come up trumps with this one. This house is ready to move in. I like the wallpaper and the wooden floors. And it comes with a double garage. How many rooms did I count - 4?
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