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Thread: Petit Paris - Germany, February 2020

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    Petit Paris #01

    How can it be possible that a whole family goes missing overnight and abandons their home with everything in it? This time, we will try to answer this question! Somewhere in rural Germany we discovered a vintage home where time has been standing still for several years already. We searched the whole house for clues to find out its story.

    Petit Paris #14

    For our first road trip of the year, we decided to head to the Austrian Alps. It's a long ride to the South and we had less than four full days. However, our friend invited us to explore some fantastic abandoned places in three countries that were worth the journey. And to be honest: It is already worth it just to see the rising mountains of the Alps. It was a six-hour car ride trough the Eastern German countryside. We decided to do a quick detour because in this undisclosed mountain area there is a place that has been on our exploring list for quite a while. Finally it was time to visit the secret abandoned house.

    Petit Paris #07

    We were hoping to find a way in easily, however, the home was barricaded pretty well. But at such places, you can usually find an open window somewhere. Even if you have to climb onto the roof of the goddamn house.

    Petit Paris #05

    Petit Paris #04

    It feels like we just found an untouched time capsule - spared any vandalism so far, but nature is slowly creeping in. This home has been abandoned for some years already but up to this date there is still everything left behind. It has definitely retro vibes. The house is furnished like a typical Eastern German home from the last century. This building has a few apartments on several floors. Wherever you look it feels like it is all frozen in time.

    Petit Paris #08

    Petit Paris #11

    We did not feel too comfortable poking around in the house of people who could be all dead today. There always remains a bitter aftertaste when you are intruding on such a home. So, we decided to leave pretty quick.

    Petit Paris #13

    Petit Paris #17

    If you want to know what happened to the family living here, you need to watch our video. On the internet, you will not find any information about the home. It is just too remote and inconspicuous. This means we had to look for clues about its history on-site. Luckily, there are a lot of them. We could make sense of the info we found. Watch the video on YouTube:

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    Very surreal explore I would imagine. Lovely time capsule and great photographs.

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    Wow! This is one of the best preserved abandoned residences I've seen. Thanks, enjoyed the pictures.

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    Simply stunning as always
    What the hell am I doing, I mean really at my age!

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    This place is beautiful. I adore retro furniture, so I'd happily move in and take care of all these fantastic items tomorrow! Can't get over how well preserved everything is, I hope at the very least they someday find a good home.

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