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Thread: Ravens Morrow Mansion - Dec 19

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    Default Ravens Morrow Mansion - Dec 19

    Raven Morrow Mansion

    There isn't much history available for the site, but we think it was built in the late 1980s and vacated from 2014. Apparently there are 14 bedrooms, each with on-suites and owned by some Latvian men, who live in the security house joined to the manor.

    From what I've heard, following the trespass strain of the mansion, they are trying to push demolition forward, and have increased security presence until then. Here's some pictures:

    The fountains at the front and back were cute

    The treehouse. Imagine having this in your garden as a kid...

    Doors are ripped off the hinges around the property. The first one we saw took us into the central staircase, topped with a domed skylight.

    A lounge, with fake bookshelf cupboards


    In one section of the house, there was a lot more deterioration. Someone had definitely been catering to the building after it became unused, with buckets placed down to collect the surging water.

    According to some of the people we met inside, this graffiti had occurred the day before, with the mansion cropping up two days prior. It had to be a Facebook world record.

    That's all for the photos. Here's the link to the documentary styled video we made here. We cover what we could find of the past, present and future through cinematics and narration:​​​

    Thanks for reading :)
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    Best set of pics Iv seen from here, nicely done
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    Nice pictures. It looks like the staircase is a good feature here, a lot of shots of it. The swimming pool looks awesome and I liked that spiral staircase.
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