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Thread: Maison 3 Suisses - Time capsule home (Belgium, July 2019)

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    Exclamation Maison 3 Suisses - Time capsule home (Belgium, July 2019)

    Maison 3 Suisses #01 Late For Dinner

    After time had been standing still here for 30 years, we were the first who enter this forgotten house in a while. This narrow building located in rural Belgium was home to a former banker who vanished into the night. As it seems, he was doing some shady business. He needed to run and left behind everything. Since then, the abandoned house is preserved as a time capsule from a different era. Join us on today's exploration while we search for clues to find out the owner's real story in this small yet intriguing home.

    Maison 3 Suisses #05

    On a country road at the entrance of a small Belgian village, this old and inconspicuous house is located. At first glance, it does not really look abandoned - more like a typical Belgian home somewhere in the countryside. But see for yourself: This place has been abandoned for literally decades.

    Maison 3 Suisses #04

    Garbage but also personal items pile up and that is also because newspapers and promotional brochures still get thrown through the letterbox of the door and end up lying in the corridor. But there is no one to tidy up. Huge cobwebs everywhere show that we are probably the first people entering this old home in a long time. Maybe because there is just nothing valuable left to loot. Thieves have already taken the precious inventory and left behind chaos. The home was obviously ransacked multiple times. And it seems a bit odd but also kind of like a miracle that there are three rooms in this house that still appear almost untouched. And as we are entering these rooms it feels like a travel back in time.

    Maison 3 Suisses #02

    This scene creates the impression that the residents of the building simply vanished into the night. Maybe they were taking what was most important with them but they left behind the furniture and all the other inventory. And take a close look at that wooden furniture - it is hand-crafted, vintage and seems like from a totally different era. To find out any information about the people who were living here until 30 years ago, you have to search the place very carefully. We believe the owner of this place used to be a banker - or at least he was working in finance. He was relatively affluent and was able to offer his family a good standard of living. But maybe this small house was not enough for him. Maybe he wanted more. There is a chance he was doing some shady business and needed to run with his family. But this is just one theory.

    Maison 3 Suisses #03 Time Stands Still

    Clearly, a very religious family was living here. There are Christian symbols everywhere - like images of Jesus, crosses, and paintings. The people living here were probably too God-fearing to steal from their community and run away with the money. What is more likely: An elderly couple was living here all by themselves. And as they both passed in the late 1980s, they were without any heirs - or the heirs did not want the house because of the strict Belgian legacy law and the horrendous rate of taxes connected to it. And so the home once filled with life was frozen in time. After 30 years of natural decay, this house remains a sad time capsule - and it is still puzzling to us how places like this can even exist.

    To see more of this place watch our video report on YouTube:

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