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Thread: The marmite cottage

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    -Correct me if wrong-
    The previous owner of this cottage was arrested and had a restraining order out against him for harassing his neighbours, so he can not go back to this property at all!
    He did go to prison, done his time and moved to a different location, apparently he done the same and back inside (who knows!)

    Here’s so photos of my explore.
    My first post so, be nice!

    one of the two cars

    pile of newspapers! i wonder how old these are...

    pile of newspapers! i wonder how old these are...

    old TV, amongst other old nik naks, unfortunately smashed!

    old toilet with the nature finding its way through!

    old, dirty bath tub with all of the old owners wash stuff

    i guess this would be the reason for the name "the marmite cottage

    beautiful, old piano.

    another old newspaper.

    such a shame, that people trash the place.

    the other old car..
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    Very nice set of this place. Can't believe it's still here
    I like to go where others fear to tread.

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