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Thread: Pair of Houses and Garage, Essex - June 2020

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    Default Pair of Houses and Garage, Essex - June 2020

    This one has been nagging at me for years. Finally got around to it.

    I cant't find any info prior to the buildings being abandoned around 2010. Based off the 'STOP IT AND TIDY UP' sign with a needle, we can assume it was a needle exchange at some point. In 2014 the site was granted planning permission but nothing came of it. A demolition notice was served by the local council in December 2016. There's a chance the owners were able to appeal the demolition notice because nothing has changed since then.

    I will continuing asking around to see if locals can remember any more history and update if I learn anything new.

    Quite a straight-forward explore and very satisfying. Was able to explore all three buildings on the site with no trouble. One of the houses (on the left of the satellite image above) had some fire damage inside making the first floor unsafe to explore. I was able to get all the way into the attic of the other house, although there were some missing floorboards. I couldn't get up to the first floor of the garage at the back either as the external stairs have been removed. The most interesting item I saw was a large safe - it looked locked and I didn't have time or incentive to investigate it.

    Roadside View

    Garage at Rear

    Pair of Houses

    Thanks for taking a look!
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    imagine living next door to that!
    if it was me, my garden boundary would move significantly in the hope that I could claim squatters rights in 10years time.
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