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Thread: Rampton Care Home 2017 - 20

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    Default Rampton Care Home 2017 - 20

    Not much is known about this place. It seems its just another care home that closed down & is in a severe state of dilapidation.

    Most of the 1st floor is now inaccessible (which was on my early visit) & the building is literally splitting in two.

    However when my lad started photography GCSE & his first topic was decay it seemed like an obvious day out as it has some great natural decay.

    The most intriguing thing here for me is the relationship between this place & the house opposite (which trust me IS still occupied despite its appearance) as there were photographs of the house in the care home & service records for a car still on the drive of the house. Maybe the house owners owned / run the care home?

    Anyway not much else to say so on with the pics.

    Thanks For Looking
    What the hell am I doing, I mean really at my age!

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    thanks - the wheelchairs, walking frame, and knitted blankets of the kind found in old peoples' residential homes, all very poignant.

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