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Thread: "Marys Cottage" A road trip to the Forest of Dean (Part 2) (Pic heavy)

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    Default "Marys Cottage" A road trip to the Forest of Dean (Part 2) (Pic heavy)

    I was invited for a day out with the dynamic duo of Ian and H (who go under the name of ianitter on here) for a trip around a few places in the Forest of Dean. Also with us was none members Fanny & Jimbob (more about him after) I have been through the forest hundreds of times but never really stopped to see what was around, saying that, the two locations they took me to I would never have found.
    The first were 3 cottages deep among the forest with a good walk there and back to the car. The 3 were all within a 1/4 mile of each other (To you youngsters about 400 metres) The first 2 each side of a old lane and the other "Mary's Cottage" really hidden in the trees.
    I tried out a wide angle/fisheye lens today and to be honest not sure if I like them. I will leave most of these on my flickr account here

    This is Marys Cottage well hidden in the trees, its the best of the three with it being more water tight, its a pity that the Mary book is no longer and all we could find was pages all over the floor. The pervy photo is still here but even that is looking worse for wear:( H found a bit of a news paper there dated a couple of months before I was born.

    This is where Jimbobs adventure came to a end, from here we headed to a old barn, he decided to go down the field route (While we went through the trees behind) and while stepping over a dry stone wall ended nearly up to his waist in a very muddy pond :) so before our trip to the local pub for food, he bailed out and went home.

    Can you see it yet??

    The piano room

    the bedroom

    Marys book ?????????????

    Part 3 coming up very soon.
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    Great pictures, can't wait for part3! Was down that way on holiday about 5 years ago, wish I'd known about these.

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    Great day! Jimbob falling in the bog was a real treat! Brilliant photos Mr!

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    Another great report,thanks for sharing.

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