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Thread: Squatter's Cottage (and a few other bits and pieces)

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    Default Squatter's Cottage (and a few other bits and pieces)

    We moved in July from Warwickshire to Shropshire. This is the first chance I've had to do any exploring. Shropshire has a lot of industrial history (we're not far from Ironbridge and Coalbrookdale) but the best bits have been converted into tourist attractions. The rest is still there, but damn hard to find even with maps. A lot of the sites are seriously overgrown, so that even when you get there, you're not actually sure you're there.

    The first picture is from an old map of the area. Most of the photos are from around Stablehill Colliery

    This is the remains of the shaft of the colliery. Most of the shafts were infilled (without a lot of care) and a brick dome built on the top to keep people out. This dome - like many - has collapsed

    I thought initially that the cottage might have a connection with the colliery, as they are close to an old tramway - but there was no evidence for this. I reckon they've only been empty for about 20 years, but the deterioration has been rapid as all the slates off the roof have been 'reused'.

    Last picture is of the retaining wall. There were lots of brick and tile works in thee area, so many of the walls are constructed from waste or materials robbed out from other buildings

    Not far away was the 'Red Church'. So called because it was built from red brick, rather than the local brick, which is a really dark brown. The church was on the upper slopes of the River Severn, and succumbed to one of the many landslips that take place in the area due to the unstable geology. Once a fine building.

    All I could find was a bit of brickwork and a few headstones, of which these were the most photogenic.

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    You made a nice job of that, I liked it, Thanks


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