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Thread: The Lodge House, West Sussex - March 2017

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    Default The Lodge House, West Sussex - March 2017

    Another place I have known about for a while. I first visited about 2 years ago. H and I were down visiting her best friend and her husband. They explored the likes of West Park and Graylingwell etc. together so we exchanged a lot of stories over over a few pints in the local pub. As we were walking to the next one I was shown this lovely little ruin. When I visited this time I was in the area with 3 other places lined up to visit so I figured I would take a few pics.

    I was pleasantly surprised to find the area around the house had been freshly cleared. Having driven past in the last two weeks I knew this work was very recent. But as I got closer to the house I realised just how recent - the smell of two-stroke and fresh sap was a give away. But there was nobody around so I got my camera out. I heard a vehicle pull up just further down the drive way not too far from me. I was out of sight so didn't think anything of it and started taking pics. Moments later I was kneeling down on the ground taking a shot into the basement and I was aware of someone step round the corner just behind me and I heard "Errr... excuse me, what are you doing!?" and I turned round to a tall man holding a chainsaw. I sheepishly said "taking photos" as if it wasn't already obvious, to which he laughed. Not the making of a shitty horror movie, and it turned out not to be the bollocking I was preparing myself for.

    We ended up chatting for a good twenty minutes. He gave me some information about the house and was happy for me to keep going with my pics as long as I stayed away from the other end of the house where he was about to start working and I couldn't hang about too long.

    The house was last inhabited in the 60's and one of the last occupiers is now in his 90's and lives just down the road. The house has never had any vandalism or fire damage, it has just naturally decayed over the years because it was so well hidden. The house was bought by a local in the past couple of years who intends to restore it, and the surrounding land was being cleared before the work started. I love little ruins like this, and I couldn't have timed this visit better. He even talked me through the structure of the site and the plans of how it will be rebuilt. It has held up very well, even with a tree growing into the side of it!

    Since I first visited, the place has collapsed even more so it was pointless trying to go inside.

    I can't wait to see how this restoration project takes shape. I'm sure this one will make an appearance in the before and after thread in the future! Thanks for looking.

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    Ah this was the place you told me about the chainsaw guy! Not what I'd want to turn around to see haha. A nice naturally reclaimed house despite the collapsed innerds.

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    Really nice find Brewtal, I love old houses like this :)

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