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Thread: Tumbledown farmhouse..suffolk

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    Went to visit this farmhouse as I was off to see another place,I made my way in and what a state.a former old farmhouse which I could imagine was quite lovely once was in a bad way.the whole top had virtually collapsed.i was not going to bother taking photos but thought whilst I am here I may as well get a few.i could only get one upstairs shot,there was another little part of the house but was through a small window and I really could not be bothered clambering through.i then finished and made my way to the other property which held so much mate explored it couple of year back.i made my way to the house.had a look around.totally over grown.a few boards on Windows a couple of cars what had sat there for years and were mate said the outside light was still on.and it was still on.then I could hear music as I stood near the front door.fleetwood Mac to be precise,so I pressed the doorbell.and it still it was time to make a hasty retreat

    I like to go where others fear to tread.

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    Worth your time Mikey, I reckon if you scrambled around a bit you'd have found a Belfast�� Thanks

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