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Thread: Old water-board house near Redmires, Sheffield, February 2018

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    That's lovely mate.not a lot to it but full of character.and what a it was a lovely walk to it

    I like to go where others fear to tread.

    Thanks given by: HughieD

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    Cheers folks. Yup - idyllic location and well-worth the walk. Sometimes small is beautiful.

    Quote Originally Posted by Dirus_Strictus View Post
    Nice one Hughie. When I first came across this place in my early teens it still looked pristine and over the years me and my mates have sheltered there many times. The larger room was lived in by the Spillway Keeper(spillway was evidently slightly different in the early operating days) and the smaller room was lived in by the chap who walked the boundaries and banks. The old Water Companies built their Estate Buildings with pride back then, the detail in the internal brickwork unbelievable - no breeze or cement clinker blocks for those brickies, they were leaving their mark for eternity. Poorly paid and fed, I always look at their work with wonder. As for the coal and other supplies - it was carried up by packhorse or mule along a pack way that was still discernible when I first visited the place.
    Nice background Dirus. They certainly made these places to last - though sadly with the roof starting to go this place will probably go down hill...

    Quote Originally Posted by Mikeymutt View Post
    That's lovely mate.not a lot to it but full of character.and what a it was a lovely walk to it
    Cheers Mikey - put it on yer list!


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