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Thread: Peaks Place

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    Love that shot amongst the chimneys and the tap! Like this BG!


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    Quote Originally Posted by BikinGlynn View Post
    Thanks a bit of superb constructive comments
    Thanks BG. The camera was part of my everyday working 'tool kit', but the camera is not the most important 'item' in the chain. If you have an 'eye' for the subject, then any image recording device will enable one to get really interesting images. You certainly have an 'eye' for the subject matter in hand and I am glad you took my comments in the manner they were made. With each image one takes we need to ask ourselves a number of questions - e.g., does the image add to the story I am telling? Is it relevant? In focus and clear? Subject matter is not sensitive material, etc, etc, etc!!! I certainly wish I could have had an i Phone or similar in my tool kit back then in the early days, would have made recording some of the incidents I attended back then a fraction easier. All recorded on film, you didn't know what you had until the film came out of the developing tank - even the advent of Polaroid, to take a 'check' image, did not really help that much. You clearly have an 'eye' and always produce good images of your subject matter. Keep up the good work, I really enjoy looking at your Reports.

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