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Comparing the photos on the thread it goes to show that a house like the state it was in can be saved. The house is now in a beautiful condition.
Yes it is, but it survives due to one specific fact - The original architect was well known for specifying materials to the highest specifications. This property; like all his other large properties used only hardwoods in its interior construction, thus there was very little woodworm and rot to be found in the building's interior. Having a relatively sound roof on, kept the interior relatively dry and thus prevented the otherwise inevitable decay due to damp induced rot. A lucky house, but many are full of rotting softwoods and way past redemption. In my late 20's, me and my builder mate looked at many abandoned large houses with a view to him converting to flats. On average one out of every five was a do able proposition, the rest were far to far gone to be profitable under the monetary restraints fifty years ago. Today they would have all been converted and not demolished eventually. Sad really, but occupancy under WW2 conditions put paid to many fine houses.