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You haven't been reading my mind have you MB??? You know you will only get a shed full of hurt, confusion and self loathing...plus the constant dilemma chicken and mushroom pot noodle or pizza, yeah I'm living the dream.
I say this as I was just about to put up my pics from here...spooky, it must be satanic.

Well I do like your torch lit version! Very nicely done MB. It does your back in after a while in there though doesn't it lol I agree with all your comments on the history! Its a lovely little grotto, not quite as old as some would like, but nevertheless still enjoyable to photograph, which you have made a lovely job of
aha crazy you was about to put this up, I actually put this report up at gone 3 this morning, awake with wisdom tooth pain lol pizza all the way haha

The place is a bugger to photograph an hated alot of my photos from here, then again I was in a rush and didnt have much time to really take into account its neat passages, well whip yours up want to see your take and yes the back is done in after awhile! nightmare... :D thank you for your kind words!