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Question - When is a railway tunnel NOT a railway tunnel.

Answer - When it`s a coal mine.

This is the ultimate form of recycling.

1901 - Railway and tunnel opened.
1930 - Tunnel and line abandoned.
193x - Middle section of tunnel collapsed.
1983 - Mining of coal started in the southern end of the tunnel.
1991 - Mine closed and the entrance sealed.

It`s a long old history and you are better off going over to Subbrit`s site to read all about it(link below)
Subterranea Britannica: Sites: draycott_cross_colliery

The way in to this place is not for the faint of heart - It`s just one massive death trap just waiting too F*** you up

If you get hurt in here YOU AIN`T GETTING OUT.

Picture time.

After a good old walk you get to the mine workings and the juicy bits.....

----------------------------------------- Oh yes ----------------------------------

In the background you can see where the tunnel has collapsed.

Through a blocked off section you get to an incline, still with a rail cart at the top and looking down the incline is the rest of the flooded section..

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