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Thread: Crich Quarry, Derbyshire, July 2019

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    Post Crich Quarry, Derbyshire, July 2019

    Hi everyone, been a long time absent. I've been exploring a couple of times but I've not as of yet got round to doing anything really worth making a report of.
    A few weeks back, me and a friend went to explore out in Derbyshire.
    In short, the quarry closed in 2010 and was previously owned by Bardon Aggregates.
    There's talk of turning it into a water park
    Currently, it consists of a large actual quarry and a few gantries, machinery and control rooms. Fairly vandalised but good for the control panel fans here.

    The room to the left was a portacabin like building which had a sign on the floor outside saying 'Asbestos'. Gave it a wide berth! The other building seemed to be a storage shed of some sort.

    Good panorama to give you some idea of the view at the top:

    Lots of buttons and switches.


    I think this was one of the stone crushers:

    One of the control rooms (what's left of it)

    View from the very top:

    And this is the waterpark then


    Good to be back again, see you all next time. I'm off abroad in a few weeks, I'll see what I can find.
    "Throughout the centuries there were men who took the first steps down new roads armed with nothing but their own vision"
    - Ayn Rand

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    Love the crusher with the buddleia growing out of it!

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