Hi All

This was another permission visit and I was helped with access by two of the local mine explorers, I`m sorry but I can`t give the location or the real name of the mine.

Access was via a series of ladders leading down 160+ feet.
Getting wet walking through waterfalls the further in and down you go the colour changes from Yellow to the Blue of the copper minerals leaching through the walls.

I have to say it`s a stunning sight to see - a true wonder.

The mine also dates back to the 1800`s it might be even older but who knows.

The wet bit - half way in.

As you head further and further in and down the colours change from yellow to blue.

Then down another set of ladders and you get to this -
(These pictures are not edited in Photoshop the colour on screen is the actual colour)

The last shot is the guys who helped - time for an arty shot.

Right that will do, thanks for looking and all comments are most welcome.

Cheers Newage