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Thread: Sandford Levvy Lead Mine - August 2020

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    Default Sandford Levvy Lead Mine - August 2020

    Hi All

    A nice little solo trip to this mine south of Bristol, getting out of the heat of the day and in to the cool.

    Sandford Levvy is a horizontal adit. 450m long, running south into the hill. Two crossroads provide short but interesting detours and some difficult climbing in excavated upward extensions, In 1830, a Mr. Webster, dug the adit in an attempt to locate a worthwhile ore body. A find of galena was reported and small veins of blende can still be found.

    The above info is from Aditnow.

    This was also my first time doing a solo SRT, that was a rush and a half, only a drop of 50-60 feet but my first time putting the practice and theory to good use (It`s amazing what you can learn from YouTube).

    Anyway enough babble - picture time.

    At the far end of the mine is a massive "flow stone" formation.

    The wet bit......

    With a bit of a struggle to get up in too this tight stoopy passage, it went a lot further than I thought.

    One of the cross passages has a big old drop at the end.

    Then a view from the bottom looking back up.

    Well that`s it for now.
    Thanks for looking, all comments are most welcome.
    There are a few more pictures on my FlickR site so head over too:-

    Cheers Newage
    (one last picture)

    The Newage Traveller gaining entry so you don`t have to.....

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    Excellent pics Newage, I like the colouration of the rocks
    Aversos Compono Animos

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    Wow thats brave on ya tod, nicely done
    What the hell am I doing, I mean really at my age!

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    People's Republic of South Yorkshire.

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