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Thread: Pont Pen-Y-Benglog Pass

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    Quote Originally Posted by druid View Post

    Like most of the defences around there they are totally OTT and somewhat pointless. The sheepfold that was turned into a pillbox is in one of the strangest positions and would have been better left as a sheepfold.-)
    I very much doubt that the poor bastards that spent many wet and cold nights in this landscape gave much thought to the relevance of these fortifications. The Irish situation was a real worry and no matter how much we read or walk the scene nowadays, we will never get a true measure of how things actually were for our forebears in those fraught days. They did what they thought was best for the survival of Britain, hindsight is a great thing but does not have any real bearing here. The earliest actual memory I can recall is looking at the curved roof of what was obvious to me much later in life, the interior of our Anderson shelter - I must have been around 18months old; this ties in when Doncaster was actually raided or a few weeks later got hit by jettisoned bombs meant for Leeds.

    Very nice set of images Rich, thanks.

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    Looks like the weather was kind to you Rich!Great report and images.

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