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Thread: Coastal Defence , Lincolnshire , Raf Donna Nook , 2017

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    Another video from me these pillboxes & bunkers are on the coast right next to raf donna nook in lincolnshire.
    Part of the coastal defence in WWII i imagine.Here is a little bit of history on raf donna nook.

    The area has been in continual use since the First World War and was established as a protection point from Zeppelins trying to enter the Humber area.Donna Nook is just north of North Somercotes and is also a 6.2 miles (10 km) nature reserve with a large seal habitat in the early winter maintained by the Lincolnshire Wildlife Trust.It is the only national nature reserve in the UK on MOD land, and was opened on 18 July 2002 by Air Commodore Nigel Williams. The bombing range covers an area of 885 hectares on land and 3200 hectares at sea.

    Hope you enjoy the video as much as i enjoyed exploring them.

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    Video is not too bad but please get a windshield for your microphone or even better try a lapel microphone. The voice commentary seems to be hidden by the woosh of the wind. Nothing much about this pillbox but it looks early built compared to others.
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    vids wont play on my pc. due to phony updates. stills i can see.

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    Did the coast between Cleethorpes and Mablethorpe in the summer of 1960 and by that time, everything salvageable/moveable had been removed from all the concrete defences. Many of the more suitable ones which were closer to the salt marshes i.e. Humberston, were being used as hides/shelters by rough shooters - hence they were full of spent 10 and 12 bore cartridge cases. Poor concrete; and exposure to salt laden air, means that some structures in this chain look decidedly more eroded than others.

    I do not normally like video records of explores, always preferring a few sharp still images - my working background I suppose. However here; the subject matter is ideal for a video record, because in reality what one wants to record is how these structures (just two concrete boxes really now) sit in the surrounding landscape. This allows you to see just why they were built where they are and to form a picture of the war time defences as a whole. Nice one!

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