Arts & Crafts House, Permission Visit, Berkshire, 2021

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Aug 6, 2009
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Wow.. It has been 8 years since I posted a report in here! :unsure::oops: I've been exploring since 2009 but just not really posted reports for quite some time. Maybe I will change that now!
So it is technically RIP, but it's all I got for now, and more keen to post newer stuff I've shot than old. Soz.

I have been driving by this place for quite some time on my way to my art studio. It was always steel shuttered and not do-able.
I then saw it was put up for sale, and thought this is my only chance. I had no idea what was inside.
I got in touch and the owner very kindly let me in to take any many pictures (and as much wallpaper, that's another story!) as I wanted.

Unfortunately it was not littered with furniture and artefacts, but a shed load of PIRS!
No furniture, but the light was great and there was enough decay to wet me whistle.

I thought it would take forever to renovate this, but he has cleared the entire grounds now, done a lot of ground work and removed window panes, and is cracking on with an extension. This is within a month!
He's hoping to turn it into an Airbnb place.
Hope you enjoy :)

GS 2021-.jpg

Half expected to find some paperwork in the cupboards, but nothing!

GS 2021--2.jpg

Potentially the most minging bathroom I've ever seen. Still had to shoot it haha

GS 2021--3.jpg

That wallpaper! :love:

GS 2021--4.jpg

I was a bit obsessed with this room, even though it was so empty! The light was so nice, and the ivy growing on the outside.

GS 2021--5.jpg
GS 2021--7.jpg

GS 2021--6.jpg

Front entrance

GS 2021--8.jpg

Such a cute kitchen!

GS 2021--10.jpg

A main hub for the PIRS was on the floor was right by my foot here!

GS 2021--9.jpg

That light!

Hope you enjoyed -



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Jan 13, 2007
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East Devon's Jurassic Park!
Wow, that's really nice. Love Arts & Crafts houses. Did you manage to take any exterior shots? I'd love to see that if you have them. Good stuff and nice to see you again, Gigi. :)


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May 14, 2018
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A real pleasure to see it is being done up for re-use. Let's hope the Airbnb 'guests' appreciate where they will be staying. Shame it will not be a home again in the near future. How about an exterior shot?

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