Bardney Train Sheds - Oct 20

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Jun 7, 2014
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Heres something you prob havent seen before & to be honest I have no idea why we were here either!
Random find while passing we thought bits looked abandoned so went in for a mooch!

Turns out its not really abandoned per se, but is the home of an industrial tyre sales. we were in now so may as well have a mooch!
the main building was so full of tyres it was a maze & impossible to photograph so heres a few from outside & the rather nice station esc canopy.

I cant find a thing about these sheds, but Im sure someone else will. they have a nice industrial feel though but that could of just been climbing over tyres everywhere & the large amount of asbestos to keep us company.

Crap photo but I loved this light

Very random but there it is, thanks for looking!

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