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Nov 23, 2020
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Easy Relaxed explore. Some local Teens also turned up for a peep. It’s a pretty dangerous building with each floor having a free fall wide open exit to your death so go careful if you venture.
I could have posted a thousand photos but this report contains just a few randomly picked. The creepy basement freaked us out a bit as it looks like it’s a place for all the homeless folk in Bradford to set up camp. The Mill contains massive floors with a familiar likeness but each with its own photogenic attractiveness.

History Taken from Web Sources

Six story Grade II Listed building.
Established in 1815 as steam-powered worsted-spinning mill. Early buildings included mill (timber-floored four storeys, eight bays with internal end engine house), warehouses on street frontage, and house. Later expansion of warehouses, addition of new mills (1852, four storeys plus basement and attic, twenty-four bays, timber-floored, projecting privy tower designed by W Metcalf of Bradford; c1870, six storeys, seventeen bays, fireproof); and construction of combing sheds (1864, by Milnes and France of Bradford, replacing earlier provision for combing. Mill of c1870 shows evolution of transmission system from upright shaft In shaft tower to rope race. Late 19th-century partial conversion to room and power mill. Largely demolished.
Worsted mills were first built on this site in 1815, although they were later extended and replaced. Barkerend Mill, the largest building on the site, was built in the 1870s. It is thought that the building was designed by Bradford based Architects Milnes and France.

Mill work stopped in the 1990s, and the buildings have since been used for storage and the manufacture of aquariums.

There have been two major fires in the site. One, in 1987, damaged much of the North Mill building. In 2007 another fire in that building left it without a roof.
Thanx For peeping.

F3714631-7435-44AF-89AD-C596E00C71E4.png 0ECAB1FB-6889-4A2D-A4DD-C359AA4D0E32.jpeg 7A2D4BBA-A9E5-4CED-BCA6-D6471E278F91.jpeg C69CE5EE-3788-4DF5-A017-14BB7D35C86E.jpeg 82D12391-3312-43B1-9799-35D15E1BE5E1.jpeg C310C520-EBB6-43B7-895B-4884E0838C2E.jpeg 72EE89F2-9BAF-4E0C-8E07-79BBA0827F21.jpeg CC709DAA-DD1C-4667-97E7-A9007303DFF0.jpeg FC3EB9F3-8B52-477F-A74A-5DEE3A88776F.jpeg D6C5257B-41C3-4D35-8C1A-B2A0C851BC7C.jpeg 1D53C866-E941-4294-8DA0-F2B2EA1F8D32.jpeg 3AD6C8B4-E6C6-46CD-95E1-17B9A188D9EF.jpeg 70AE02D0-8449-4494-9977-E17CA0896357.jpeg 5580415D-6145-451F-9BC1-7D9D0A35B4E9.jpeg ADDAB3BD-ECE1-4C04-B422-39FB6959F868.jpeg F7783307-646B-4343-BACD-F63E25D40EA2.jpeg 0E9A8177-BF15-4604-9C66-539809160794.jpeg 1229A138-B5D6-44DD-9F93-AE0219D8224B.jpeg 2EF6834C-7927-4695-B2B8-4EAEE946D060.jpeg DE1CE9FF-9D63-4393-8DA5-7FF3CF73577F.jpeg A6330108-2C17-4E90-B213-C483863E3143.jpeg 040172F6-B167-42F0-ADC5-E616DD2D219D.jpeg 15D544A2-6364-41FB-821A-3A6BACD9C5FA.jpeg 17995875-B9BA-4932-AB6B-655C22F313CE.jpeg AFCD634D-5956-4AD0-B669-537B04A14A2B.jpeg F492D1C7-FC97-4989-A0EB-BA07363933A7.jpeg D6BE8358-827F-4568-9B95-04FAAEDB683B.jpeg C8840948-77CE-4B67-A30E-C738904423A1.jpeg 00FC5507-12F7-4618-81F7-2D251CF1B11C.jpeg 21C4E909-EABD-4D26-9809-3DE88DAFB6AD.jpeg 515B8D4D-9CD6-4065-8560-4FF23179A497.jpeg F14EB03E-F497-49EA-9B6D-834512CC9F69.jpeg 5A1DA8A4-D092-45A4-9393-09147DA575EF.jpeg 773657AD-FE2F-4D9F-A1E0-3FA95635543A.jpeg 2C995C11-E8E3-416E-8F70-9AB057307348.jpeg CAEBEAB6-9046-44E9-9043-7132179E34F4.jpeg 01449014-053D-415A-88EA-1ADC79360777.jpeg CBD31F3C-185F-4343-B3E7-44C44C8764A5.jpeg E94ED336-85CB-4EF2-925B-F2C706C3CD6D.jpeg 2174A040-D0D7-402A-B74F-E43420B565BD.jpeg 877BEED4-5E27-4146-9FF7-B7B6781C5E64.jpeg FEF5E85C-E9F9-4F21-8BD7-75D5A5906E7D.jpeg E958FDF3-DD66-4827-917E-A92B054F5220.jpeg 1D4D522E-E50B-48B0-BAC0-FE3534C10BCB.jpeg F19C95D1-76B3-474B-BD85-9C10EAC86331.jpeg B93748B1-481C-48E7-84EC-BBEB1B460CEB.jpeg D1B496C4-CBFE-43B9-AE93-A6F18814A651.jpeg 5625370D-AEA0-43E6-B6C4-70D446C7660E.jpeg 36C8DD61-7D93-47D8-9F6F-EDB03497A3E6.jpeg B3CA8ED9-8B48-4946-A130-2785C1973D0C.jpeg


Sep 30, 2018
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Great photos - thank you.

I read in the local paper that planning permission has just been granted for conversion to flats.

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