Bartholomews Mortuary - Aug 19

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Jun 7, 2014
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Pretty much missed the boat on this one, the place had been all but stripped by time of our visit, so much so that the slab had been removed & stood against the wall.
I dont like staging pics but hadnt come all this way to photograph it standing against a wall so the 2 of us replaced it & my god it was heavy. I expected this to be back off & scrapped shortly after but to my surprise reports nearly a year later suggested it was still on :D

Anyway dont think Iv posted a mortuary so though why not. The building itself is pretty spectacular, I mean if I could choose somewhere to be chopped up I cant think of anywhere more suitable.

the history of the mortuary itself is hard to find but the hospital itself was founded in 1078 for the care of the poor and lepers. It survived as a charity until taken over with the founding of the National Health Service. The hospital closed permanently in September 2016, it was until this date the oldest surviving hospital in the UK

Main room with plinth that contained fridges till just weeks before our visit.

In 2016 it was announced that St Bartholomew’s Hospital is to be sold for redevelopment but parts of the building including the mortuary will be retained.

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