Bell cottage and garage - July 2021

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Aug 1, 2006
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Evening all...........

I saw this place when I was at work a few months back, so since everything looks better at night I went to have a mooch deep at night.
This place is called Bell cottage (Cheers Ben for the name) it`s not just a cottage it has a massive garage and work shop attached, it`s
located at the end of a tiny lane in the middle of nowhere - well Theale (That`s the middle of nowhere in my book).

We do like a death trap night time mooch.

Now to have a look at the cottage - just waiting too kill you............
You know it`s bad when the roof is on the floor.

In to the kitchen we go.

Thanks for looking - that will do for now, there are a few more pictures on my FlickR site so head on over to :-

Bell cottage - Theale

Go on just one more shot - if you don`t want to have nightmares look away now...........

Cheers Newage