Blaenrhondda Infants School Jan 2014

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Aug 16, 2013
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Rhondda, S Wales
I really didn't think I would be doing another report today, but when I was looking for somewhere else on google I found this, its just up the road and as I had a little time before Sunday dinner I went and had a look.
Its sods law as I struggled to get to the place as it behind some houses with a river between. I had to get over barbed wire fences, brambles and deep mud. When I came back out and found the boiler house, there was a hole in the fence leading to a park with just a straight walk back to the car :(
Not much history on the place but it looks like it was not being used before it was burnt down in 2008. There is planning permission to demolish the place and put up homes (That was in 2009)

for the very first time other from straightening a couple, these are straight off the camera, no tripod so I must be getting better.

Not what you want to find behind a desk

I couldn't work out what this was

Thanks for looking