Bramble House / Kingsway Asylum Nurses Home, Derby - July 2020

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Feb 19, 2019
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Originally known as 'The Brambles' and built in the mid 1930's for the purpose of a nurses home, Bramble House was a late addition to the Derby Borough Mental Hospital complex (Kingsway Hospital) and one of only 3 remaining buildings from the site still standing. The others being the old hospital farm house and outbuildings and also Braemar which was a staff residence.

Bramble House later became the offices for the NHS Derbyshire Healthcare Foundation Trust. Unsure how long they operated here after demolition of the main hospital. The building and land sold in 2018 and looks set to be replaced with an 80-bed care home. The planning is being met with opposition as the last remaining bits of Kingsway Asylum were locally listed back in 2009 - not that it will do them any good I imagine.

Quite local to me, access seems to change with the wind but there's always one trusty way in that never fails! Been completely destroyed by the locals but still some subtle deco stylings to be found and nice pale green and baby blue colours upstairs.



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Aug 24, 2020
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Nice looking building , very 1930s.
Reminds me of the 30s buildings of Runwell Psychiatric hospital at Wickford in Essex, one of the last great asylums to be built - long gone.
The idea of a 'nurses home' seems archaic now.

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