Buile Hill Park Salford (Pic heavy)

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Feb 25, 2022
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Manchester UK
Hello, I finally got my backside into gear and went for a local explore.

Buile Hill Park was opened on 22 July 1903 by the mayor of Salford, Alderman Stephens, and was subsequently joined to Seedley Park.
The house was opened as a Natural History Museum in 1906.
The main building is a Grade 2 listed building and has been empty for over 14 years.
The Mansion is now having restoration works at a cost of over £200,000.00
I am unable to get any details on what is happening to the derelict buildings to the side of the main building.
Please enjoy the pictures.
mansion  Large 2.jpeg

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HDR park Large.jpeg
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On the way back home i seen this old pub (Racecourse Hotel)
I have been in here many years ago.
So many pubs have closed recently.
TBH lost my nerve a bit , in the olden days i would have tried to get in......to the mansion too.
race 005 Large.jpeg
race 004 Large.jpeg
race 003 Large.jpeg
race 001 Large.jpeg

Thank you for looking.


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