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Sep 20, 2005
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Bristol, UK.
Hi all,

It's been bought to my attention that some people are on occasion being harassed and bullied via the private message (PM) system. No-one should have to put up with such treatment on Derelict Places, and there are two easy ways to deal with this.

1) You can use the ignore function of the website to simply block that person from contacting you via PM. You can block someone by placing them on your ignore list. If you click on that link it's pretty straight forward. Please bear in mind this means you will also not see anything they post on the forums.

2) You can report the PM to the moderation team, who will then be able to see it and take action accordingly. The report button is the little triangular roadsign icon at the top right of the private message screen.

Please do not report PMs if they are about a personal issue between you and a mate. It's not the mods jobs to referee your personal issues. Also please don't report rude responses to requests for information about sites, such requests can get very tedious and annoying when you get many a day. A rude response is the risk you take in asking a stranger for sensitive information.



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