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Oct 21, 2020
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Hello just wanted to drop in and say thanks for this old thread from 2015:

"Beautiful old historical Brunel university site at Runnymede" by J_a_t_33


(thread was closed so could not post within)

I was at Brunel Uni in the 90s and spent a brilliant summer term at the Runnymede campus in 1995 or so. This was before everyone carried a camera with them all the time so I have _no_ photos from that time of my life.

So it was amazing to find this old thread. I don't remember the magnificent main house much (only went in it twice) but remember the modern dorm buildings and the corridors and stairwells and kitchens within, and the canteen and 'chill out space' which I think was a bar/club.

Those photos bring back so many memories. And its so eerie to see it all in decay. I guess I was imagining the place would carry on forever, but of course thats not how it works.

So many thanks from me for (as your website blurb puts it) "documenting these places before they disappear entirely."

Hugh Jorgan

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Feb 2, 2015
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Aberdeen, Scotland
It's good that this forum stores old posts. I made a comment on that post. It's a pity that the Photobucket banner stretches across the photos.