Hotel Coccinella, abandoned Hotel in Italy (2021)

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Jul 25, 2017
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Hotel Coccinella #02

by Broken Window Theory

As urban explorers, we research history that would otherwise just be forgotten. Once alive but empty today, abandoned sites experienced the untold - like this overgrown property next to the freeway to Rome. Once, this compound was the playground of a diva, a film actress who retreated into solitude. A hidden stone cottage in the grove is the key to understanding the big picture. And so, we rediscovered history that almost was forgotten.

Hotel Coccinella #09

by Broken Window Theory

There are several structures hidden on the utterly neglected property. A decade of being abandoned turned this into 35,000 square meters of wilderness. Bamboo, once imported from afar, now grows wild. In the greenery, we discover a foreign world. After a while, we discovered a stone villa next to the pool. It is nestled in the clearing of a grove. This looks like the scene of a children's fairy tale, or of some fantastic story - and maybe this was on purpose. Once, this was the home of a diva who often was described as extravagant, maybe even a little weird.

Hotel Coccinella #08

by Broken Window Theory

Photos and letters left behind confirm the rumors we heard before traveling here. This was indeed the home of a former Italian movie actress! Anna Vita was her name, with one parent being Italian and the other one from the US, if we are not mistaken. Anna Vita began her career as an actress for photo novels. This was a popular genre in the post-war period. Then, in the early 1950s, she also appeared on the big screen. Anna Vita was offered roles in Italian movies - with at least one of these films even receiving awards later on. But in the mid-50s, all traces of her were lost. She escaped the spotlight to start a new life. Apparently, she felt uncomfortable on film sets. Anna Vita actually shunned celebrity. So, in solitude, she devoted herself to her true passion.

Hotel Coccinella #11

by Broken Window Theory

Anna Vita's home is like a museum, full of memories, photos, and her works - but also the works of her father, which she was very proud of. She inherited her talent from him. Sculpting and painting was what she did after she hung up her acting career. Anna Vita loved Rome, but she wanted to stay away from the hustle and bustle. So, she settled in the countryside. For 30 years, she was also running a hotel on the same property.

Hotel Coccinella #13

by Broken Window Theory

Anna Vita is less known than other star actors from her era, because she retired from the stage early - and because she basically was never really an actress. That is not what she wanted to be – she was a diva against her will, so to say, but her presence can still be felt. The hotel has the unique handwriting of Anna Vita. It was founded and managed by her for three decades. It is certainly not a luxury hotel, but it is special: a little quirky, colorful for sure, perhaps eccentric.

Hotel Coccinella #04

by Broken Window Theory

We noticed a stark contrast between rooms that could be ready to be occupied after a quick clean-up and rooms that... well, just see for yourselves.

Hotel Coccinella #03

by Broken Window Theory

Her hotel is trashed, and mold is conquering the rooms. Her manor is looted and only populated by statues anymore. The park is overgrown and wild. All of this has been forgotten after Anna Vita died. What has stood the test of time are only her films and maybe the photo novels which she posed for - but that is not her legacy. This is it: a place where Anna Vita could be herself. Regardless of what others expected of her, here she was free.

Hotel Coccinella #01

by Broken Window Theory

See more if this abandoned place and learn the full story in our documentary on YouTube:


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