John Barnard Furniture - Trowse Mill

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Jun 7, 2014
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Laying behind the beautiful Trowse Pump station lies this often overlooked old mill. I really cant find much about it other than the obvious that John Barnard Furniture occupied the lower floors in its last incarnation. so heres the tour.

Some of the original mill gear is still evident in the lower rooms.

Along with various pieces of machinery.

Further back still more machines & a quaint little store room


Moving up the floors above seem to of been used for clothing sales of some sort along with more storage.

Yet more press type machines litter this area.

Lovely draughtsman's cabinet in this room

Evidence of the original mill up here too

Superb Patress plates hold the building together at this higher level

Nice view of the pump house from up here.

Finally moving into the far side, this is pretty empty but you are greeted by this rather lovely spiral!

Ok just one of through the pump house window then

Thats all from here, thanks from loking

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