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Jul 14, 2008
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I'd had nothing but failures all day; all the places on my radar were sealed up or inaccessible. I came close in one place only to find all the doors screwed shut.

A crappy wet Sunday until I had a quick look at this place!

I can't say how but it was an easy entry, although - finding the power on made me suspect an alarm. But, thankfully not which made me suspect homeless living there.

I didn't hang around for long just in case, and also the place was like an assault course - everywhere looked like a Fly tipping site! So pictures aren't so numerous but quality, not quantity!

Built in 1854 it is one of the few remaining of it's kind; live music (Usually a Fiddler) an eclectic gathering of regulars and evasion of the mass redevelopment that is raping our city of its' heritage. Rant over, the Reynolds family ran it for 34 years and they will be sad to see it go.

It was closed in 2020 and sold on but it's future is unsure, CAMRA got over a 1000 signatures to preserve it but a waiting game continues!

Front room - with a burning light to attract the masses:

Other side:

The bar:

Roll out the....

Below ground window:

More rolling:




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