Mendip Train Station & Rolling Stock - April 2021

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Sep 28, 2009
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Henley on Thames or Ibiza
What a magical little explore! Abandoned trains decaying in the woods and little station.

I can't find any history on this place, but some info here in Glynn's report: East Somerset Rolling Stock - Apr 21

We went for an explore a week after Glynns report was published and it seems something is planned for this place, as you can see all of the trees and foliage that previously surrounded the rolling stock has been cleared away.

Sun was starting to get a little low, so the later images came out a rather lovely sunkissed orange.

Firstly, we were greeted by the ex military crane at the end of the line:

Mendip 1.jpg

Mendip 2.jpg

Mendip 3.jpg

Won't be long before this roof can be peeled off

Mendip 4.jpg


Mendip 5.jpg

Can't look at this switch without hearing it saying "oooh" in Frank Spencers voice lol... Just me?

Mendip 6.jpg


Mendip 8.jpg


Mendip 9.jpg

Mendip 10.jpg

Mendip 11.jpg

Mendip 12.jpg

Mendip 13.jpg

Mendip 14.jpg

Mendip 15.jpg

Mendip 16.jpg

Mendip 17.jpg

Mendip 18.jpg

Mendip 19.jpg

Mendip 20.jpg

Mendip 21.jpg

Mendip 22.jpg

Mendip 23.jpg

Mendip 24.jpg

Lots of rusty metal!

Mendip 25.jpg

Mendip 26.jpg

Mendip 27.jpg

Mendip 28.jpg

Mendip 29.jpg

Mendip 30.jpg

Mendip 31.jpg

Over to the platform...

Mendip 32.jpg

Mendip 33.jpg

Mendip 34.jpg

Off to see if the trains are dog friendly...

Mendip 35.jpg

Ah apparently they are...

Mendip 38.jpg

Mendip 36.jpg

Mendip 39.jpg

Mendip 40.jpg

Mendip 41.jpg

Mendip 42.jpg

Mendip 43.jpg

Mendip 44.jpg

Looks like the innards of an old windy telephone

Mendip 45.jpg

Mendip 46.jpg

My girls chilling in the sun

Mendip 47.jpg

Mendip 48.jpg

Mendip 49.jpg

Mendip 50.jpg

Mendip 51.jpg

Mendip 52.jpg

Thanks for looking guys!

Hope you enjoyed :)


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Jun 7, 2014
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Nicely done, u have some great detail shots.
Wish Id of wandered further down now the signal box is excellent

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