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Nov 26, 2006
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Please note that the Offtopic forum is supposed to be a friendly place where members of Derelict Places can discuss things that aren't quite related to any of the other forums. It doesn't mean that it should be used as a place where you can just copy and paste anything on the net that amuses you, post without any prior research or just because you are bored.

Lately I have noticed some trends that have led this forum to going 'beyond' Offtopic.

1) Repeats of old threads.

New members not realising that their question has already been discussed, sometimes only weeks before. Search for your intended topic before posting a new one.

2) Posting out of boredom.

Just because you're bored, doesn't mean we need a discussion about it.

3) Pointless questions

Why do we need to know why you chose your username? This is also covered in point 1.

4) Random threads

You may well be into motor racing or flower arranging, its a bit too offtopic for this forum.

Use your initiative people, and save us some bandwidth. After all, some of these rubbish threads get more attention that location reports.
Not open for further replies.