Pilkington Glass

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Sep 20, 2005
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Bristol, UK.
Okay so after the wipeout that was our original target (asbestos removal workmen got up at the same time we did it seems, 7AM on a sunday morning), Bishop and myself decided to check out a couple of other places we've had out eye on.

This one is an abandoned Pilkington Glass warehouse which was left empty in autumn 2005 after the buildings were compulsory purchase ordered for regeneration (much like half of Bristol has been). It's only vaguely interesting with nothing special, but there's some nice views to be had from the roof, and lots of glass around (obviously) which made for some reasonable photos and 8AM on a gloriously sunny winter morning.

The place has obviously had a lot of homeless people in it over the winter months judging by the rather excessive amounts of excrement all over the place. It's quite grim in places unfortunately :sick: . As with almost all of the other sites in Bristol, the gypsies got there first and stripped out anything of value too.

My pictures are a bit shitty, I really need to invest in a new tripod, such is life. :(


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