RAF Docking - Jan 21

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Jun 7, 2014
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RAF Docking was a satellite airfield for the RAF Coastal Command station at RAF Bircham Newton and was mostly used for overflow from there.
A grass airfield, with eight blister hangars and one A1 hangar, was laid out soon after the outbreak of war and the first squadron to operate from there was No. 235 Squadron RAF using Bristol Blenheims for convoy escort and anti-shipping operations in the North Sea. These were then replaced by the Lockheed Hudson.

Stumbled upon this one & I missed the control tower which looks like one of the best bits.
these are the buildings I did find.

Standby set house

Now used to store farm equipment

Next was this decontamination building, now occupied by some scary pigeons

Extraction system still in place here

Now again this houses some farm machinery

Finally I had a nosey round the many bunkers on this site

Stumbled on some sort of snail orgy going on in here!

Thanks For Looking

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