RNTE Shotley (HMS Ganges)

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Jun 7, 2014
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Yawn yes again! But I liked it here & have tried to keep the pics a bit different so bear with me.

The History (nicked from wiki)
Royal Naval Training Establishment Shotley, known in the Royal Navy as HMS Ganges, was a naval training establishment at Shotley, near Ipswich in Suffolk. Starting in 1905, it trained boys for naval service until it closed in 1976, following the raising of the school leaving age from 15 to 16.[1] It had a mixed reputation in the Royal Navy, both for its reputed harsh methods of training boys in order to turn out professionally able, self-reliant ratings and for the professionalism of its former trainees. It is particularly famous for its 143-foot (44 m) high mast which all boys under training were required to ascend, at least to the half-moon and for the mast manning ceremonies held whenever a dignitary visited the establishment.

It also houses a battery that is quite interesting...
Shotley Battery was built in 1865 on the Shotley Peninsula to guard the port of Felixstowe, within HMS Ganges Naval Training school, on the same site as an existing Martello Tower.

It was built with seven sides using brick and earth. It was surrounded with a dry ditch and had three magazines.[1] Originally armed with 14 68-pounder guns, these were replaced 14 7-inch RML guns. It was modified with two positions for 10-inch Rifled Muzzle Loading (RML) guns in 1891. These were used until 1901.

The battery was then disarmed and transferred to the Admiralty in 1904 as part of a shore training establishment HMS Ganges. It has suffered much damage since HMS Ganges closed in 1976 and became a police training centre which has in turn closed.

The Explore

Not much to tell here really. this is mostly a walk in tbh but we did manage to cover the sports hall which is somewhat trickier & security lurk far too close to for comfort.
We were rushed for time so Im sure there is still a huge amount we missed but this is what we got!

49200652678_e4e5888bf1_b.jpg9O5A7344 by Bikin Glynn, on Flickr

49201346622_705ea0d51e_b.jpg9O5A7388 by Bikin Glynn, on Flickr

49200652168_268e5991a5_b.jpg9O5A7374 by Bikin Glynn, on Flickr

49200653188_2896c5135d_b.jpg9O5A7316 by Bikin Glynn, on Flickr

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49201346702_92fae8f428_b.jpg9O5A7384-2 by Bikin Glynn, on Flickr

49201346532_8e023f6fe0_b.jpg9O5A7390-2 by Bikin Glynn, on Flickr

49200652358_533e5509d4_b.jpg9O5A7365-2 by Bikin Glynn, on Flickr

49201346307_e0fa8fd904_b.jpg9O5A7398-2 by Bikin Glynn, on Flickr

49201347537_67752be4c7_b.jpg9O5A7334 by Bikin Glynn, on Flickr

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49201145756_6de6f2fa73_b.jpg9O5A7312 by Bikin Glynn, on Flickr

Oh go on then just a few from the pool!

49201348647_58e0eafd0b_b.jpg9O5A7285 by Bikin Glynn, on Flickr

49201146181_f4e1eb467a_b.jpg9O5A7288 by Bikin Glynn, on Flickr

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49201146056_2951d4708e_b.jpg9O5A7291 by Bikin Glynn, on Flickr

Thanks for looking see u later!

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