Royal Victoria Hospital, Folkestone May 2013 *update*

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Jul 22, 2012
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First off, this is not a report to show off photos or the location as I only took one to show i'd been there. As far as i know the only way in is through a broken window. When we got in we realised everything had been taken out, equipment, paperwork, furniture, beds, everything was gone, it's just a shell of a hospital which is a real shame. The inside has sectioned off most of the building, but you can get into most of it if you climb over, but unfortunately there's no point, the building is alarmed, as soon as you step in to the main hall you'll set off the motion detectors. Sorry this hasn't been very interesting, just a heads up so no one wastes a journey getting there, you could get some photos before the police get there but there's nothing good to photograph to be honest, the police where there in about 20 minutes.

As you can see, everything is gone, sorry the picture isn't great, didn't know how fast the police were going to be!

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