Springburn Winter Garden - Oct 21

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Jun 7, 2014
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Driving back from a recent trip up north my mate asked what has been my favourite explore of the weekend & what was the "biggest surprise", this definitely fell into that category for me.
Liking a bit of structural steelwork I really enjoyed mooching round here, I couldn't believe this was sitting in one of the city's main parks & is relatively unreported too.

Springburn was built in 1899 by Messrs. Simpson and Farmer, Horticultural Builders, Heating and Ventilating Engineers of Partick Bridge using iron from the Temple Ironworks of Glasgow. Simpson and Farmer also assembled the Winter Gardens in Tollcross. The glasshouse extends for 180ft, with tall 12ft red brick walls punctuated by round-arched windows.
It was once the largest glasshouse in Scotland at 842 sq. m. £10,000 was contributed by the Reid family of the neighbouring Hyde Park Locomotive works for the construction of the Winter Gardens.

The garden has lain derelict since 1983 but locals are determined to rescue it for the good of the community with fresh urgency to save the building following the sudden demolition of the historic Springburn Public Halls in 2012!

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