St Georges Asylum - Stafford - March 2008

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Mar 12, 2008
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st annes
Hi, i've been to this place a fair few times now - and after visiting it with Angelus earlier in the week, I went back to try and get some different shots and get to the top of the lift shafts.

St Georges Asylum was origonally named Stafford County Asylum, it was built at a time where Pauper Asylums were being constructed all over the country. It opened in 1818, large enough to hold 120 patients. In 1879 a large detached wing was added to the south-eastern side, adding capactity for an extra 90 patients. In 1884, the asylum was once again expanded. This time to the north western side, work was extensive costing in the region of £40,00 and the new buildings included workshops and bakeries. Total capactity was now circa 870 patients.

As with many country asylums, it was wound down and closed in the mid 90's. As of 2008, it is in a poor state. The entire roof is missing from one side, which has resulted in major damage to the floors. The main hall is burnt out, supported by scaffolding, various other parts of the asylum have seen damage from fire. It is Grade II listed, and recently a large sign has gone up showing the proposed new developments as apartments.



3> i remember fighting my way through this jungle the first time i visitied.. can't beleive how cut back it all is now.

4> reception at the main entrance

5> looking out over the roof of the chapel

6> a slightly different take on the caged stairway..

7> me being all emo in the pharmacy

8> floors are as dodgy as ever

9> above where number 8 was shot

10> paintings in the ward day rooms

11> day room next floor up

12> group therapy room

13> finally got in to the top of one of the lift shafts (via a very very rotten staircase with some serious improvisation!)

14> looking toward the centre of the asylum. you can see the lighting conductor and central lift shaft

15> toward the back of the asylum, with the main hall roof in view and the water tower. sorry about the funky colours in this, light was fading.

These two are from the earlier trip, just showing the main hall



I've been countless times and do really love this place, when I was there earlier in the week it was raining, made the chapel seemingly even more peaceful.

More photos from previous visits (inc water tower) are on my website: http://urban404.net/stgeorges.php

King Al

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Feb 1, 2007
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Nice pics Meth, love the stairs looking up through the mesh:) (pic 6)


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Mar 16, 2008
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Loved the silhouette of the person looking at the shark painting in pic. 10 thanks!