St Joseph's orphanage/hospital, Preston. April 2013

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Nov 4, 2011
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Greater Manchester
Haven't put up a report for a while now, so thought I should kick my own backside and do one. We have wanted to see this place for a while now and an opportunity arose so we jumped right on it, not that any of us felt that energetic when our alarms when off at daft o'clock for our early start.
We had the pleasure of Perjury saint staying with us for the weekend who not only had to put up with faffing around splores by team faff, getting zapped by lazers but he also had the experience of a northern pub party which turned out a bit phoenix nights with the local entertainment:lol: Still not had pea wet yet but at least you sampled some lobby! Must say though, many apologies to peterc4 and sonyes for still being in bed when we were supposed to be at the rendezvous point for the splore the day after:eek:
A great weekend with comical exits,a much needed bacon barmcake and a night of how the hell am I still standing! Through sheer exhaustion,I felt like a zombie. Must be getting old!
Very brief history:St Joseph's originally started as an orphanage for Roman Catholic girls.It was built and partially funded by the late Mrs Maria Holland in 1872.It was designed by Mr.R.W Hughes.The orphanage was run by Dutch nuns called the Sisters of Charity of Our Lady Mother of Mercy.The orphanage later became a nursing home. Since its opening there has been extensions, St Joseph's Institute for the sick poor was built onto the orphanage. Later known as Mount St hospital, it was used to care for wounded soldiers during both wars and run by the same order of nuns. It got its first operating theatre in 1910.It closed in 1986.

May I help you??

Whilst there we discovered one of the operating theatre lights had become a death ray! Check out AlternativeDayOuts vid


Thankyou for looking :)
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Sep 30, 2011
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Near Manchester
Finally we get to see this absolute amazing place, we have wanted to see this for what seems like an age, it appears that anything splore wise that starts off with Saint Josephs is pretty special like the one at Mill hill just north of London, then there's the legandary inpregnable St Joes seminary Upholland and this one in the heart of Preston city centre which makes for rather interesting and sheer audacity visit ;) , this place opens and seals shut like Fort Knox very quickly!

A rather agreeable weekend of top splore action and drunken lunacy as ever with Sshhhh...and showing top bloke Perjury Saint some delights of the North..good times.

here we at the reception ready for the quick tour?

There lots to see and a very varied content and subject matter, stair wells a plenty

rooms ram packed with artefacts all kinds...

This had the worst bird poo ever, my foot went splooge right in it and it stank pot , note one of the offenders in the top right hand corner

some places are in pretty ok nick and free from the ravages of chavery, just time induced decay goodness with its plethora of textures

Some items are quite unexpected in an old orphange cum hospital establishment

theres some terrific shinyness in here with glorious reflectiveness action

I became trapped in one briefly but managed to battle my way back, but thats another story

In this evil room of Laa Laa I had my first splore fall thru the floor, fortunately only upto the waist but it could have been deadly.. just at the base of these stairs the floor was pretty solid than crack ...ooof!

if things had of gone tits ups as it were, at least i could of hobbled a tad on one of these bad boys...

and then we are into this rather ace aceness

I felt sad for Mary she was flat on her back probably thru to some heartless chave where the evidence of such was more prolific in here but still rather splendid

and looking back therein

upto the higher attica rooms in this build theres lots more to see than we did i think

then into the medical rooms, this place really does have it all under one roof!

Thanks for looking around with us and check the vid in Sshhhh...'s bit . :)


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Sep 8, 2009
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Superb stuff. We've been trying to crack this place ever since we started!!! Some cracking photos and it's opened my eyes to just how much there is in there. You'd not expect that in the middle of a city.

It seems like the same deal as Mansfield Hospital, right in the middle of the city yet so much to see and full of wonderful decay...I really would travel all the way to Preston to see this if I could be guaranteed access haha


spot on lady and gents, amazing place got to get there so much stuff, and a top video lol...

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