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Jun 7, 2014
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St Peters Shelter


Every town has rumours of underground stuff that people "remember when they are kids" but most the time they turn out to be just that, rumours!
Rarely does something appear out the woodwork that the majority of locals dont know about such is the case here!


Only last week this appeared on the news & local fb groups, being just a few miles away would of been rude not to have a look.

If you saw the first pic & thought "the grove, Watford" you are not alone, when I first saw it I thought it was a false copy & paste of that but this entrance design was popular particularly with railway property.
Not a lot is known about this so cant add anything to the news report above, it is good that the school are considering restoring it though.
I did wonder if posting will give the school undue hassle but they have been daft enough to put it out there themselves so am not too bothered.


TBH its pretty boring, just consisting of one long tunnel with a stagger in the middle, the stagger containing toilet cubicles & a adit each end.
Its a fraction of the size of the aforementioned Grove but does have considerably less graff.


Of course some locals did know about it, former pupils of the school are saying on the fb group they went in, but then a lot of people who went to the school knew nothing about it.
The only real interesting thing down there is this childs pram.







Thats as exciting as it gets, thanks for looking

The babies pram is certainly old.
Never seen a entrance like that one before.

this is the grove, it has half a dozen entrances of the same design.

not sure how old the pram is, its a toy one but is made of metal. its extremely fragile so may of been from war time but more likely dropped down the hatch by some kids later on.
Prob some poor girl from the school crying for days when the boys nicked her pram & chucked it down there lol

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