Stewartby Brickworks, Feb 2019

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Mar 17, 2018
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Over year ago we visited this site and since then have had the urge to go back. After hearing demolition won't being until March we decided to pay a visit, again.

The Brickworks
Dating back to 1898 the works are the extension of Fletton brick making in Peterborough. The works started in Elstow and later spread to Wootton Pillinge and later became named Stewartby due to the brickworks.
47074526982_bedbf555fc_b.jpg PaperWorks by KPUrbex

Skipping some boring stuff.

By 1936 the works was taken over by the London Brick Company through a merging of companies. This lead to the expansion of the site with the construction of two brick kilns which later became listed structures.

Through the beliefs of the Stewart family the village of Wootton became the Stewartby Model Village wich allowed for better living conditions for Stewartby's workforce and allowed the plant greater control of the workers. The villages later became known as Stewartby parish. By 1936 the works had become the largest in the world, employing 5000 workers at its peak, producing over 500 Million bricks and was one of the many large industries of Bedfordshire.
47074527952_4c9d634547_b.jpg BluePrints_Stewartby by KPUrbex

Throughout the 1970s the site produced 20 percent of England's bricks and had it's own Fire and Ambulance crews as well as sports facilities.

In the last years between 2005 and 07 1Million pounds had been spent to lower sulfur dioxide emissions. The year 2008 was the last and the current owner, Hanson, closed the site as emission goals could not be met.

Only 3 of the 7 original chimneys were destroyed with the remaining 4 being Grade II Listed structures. Two of the Hoffman brick kilns were also destroyed but 2 still remain today.

The plan today for this site is for conversion to a housing estate with the chimneys to be demolished. The kilns are of special historical and architectural interest and they cannot be demolished.

The Photos

The Marston Vale line cuts between the works, here we see a Class153 bound for Bletchley below the chimneys.
47126861181_1486b69dc9_b.jpg DogBox by KPUrbex

We explored the western site as this was of the most photographic interest.
46403232764_246aed9eb0_b.jpg Chutes_KPUrbex by KPUrbex

Many chutes leading down to another level.
47127473431_95f4a8ce84_b.jpg Holes_KPUrbex by KPUrbex

Something about the symmetry here.
47116381061_e04ff12a1b_b.jpg BrickLayers_KPUe by KPUrbex

A number of workstations along the machines.
46403233834_b33ff436ed_b.jpg CleanUp_KPUe by KPUrbex

Wooden Machines
WoodenMachines_KPUrbex by KPUrbex

A view from the outside, featuring Explorer X
32185230107_6034c278af_b.jpg BrickWorks by KPUrbex

One of the chimneys

Thanks for lookin'

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Jun 7, 2014
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Good to see again, u did well to get the train pic without getting shopped, or was that where the footpath crosses?