Stewartby Brickworks Oct 10

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Sep 8, 2009
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Explored with msaunder1972 on a weekend of semi-successful exploring.

Some history first..

In 1897, B.J. Forder and Son opened a Fletton brickworks at Wootton Pillinge (later to be called Stewartby). The company later merged with several other companies, the main one being the London Brick Company (which had been founded in 1889). By 1936 the London Brick Company and was recognised as the largest brickworks in the world employing 2,000 and manufactured over 500 million bricks per year. In 1984, the London Brick Company was taken over by Hanson. In 2005 there were just 230 people employed at the Stewartby brickworks, and only 2 kilns and 3 chimneys in use, producing a total of 135 millions bricks a year.

More than £1 million was spent on Stewartby Brickworks in 2005-7 in an attempt to reduce sulphur dioxide emissions. This attempt was unsuccessful and the brickworks finally closed in February 2008.

This was a funny old explore really, there were loads of contractors on site removing stuff from the front half so we were confined to one end which was a pain, although after sneaking round the back and into the rear buildings it was fairly relaxed. This was also my new camera's first proper outing.

Cheers for looking, more pics here http://www.flickr.com/photos/mookie427/sets/72157625087140624/with/5050599916/

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Aug 4, 2010
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Bedford, UK
It was till he gave it a bath at Cardington. Nice shots Mookster and enjoyed the explores both successful and otherwise. Left side of Stewartby I am hoping to get done soon may even try a Sunday visit in the hope the demo crews aren't there.

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