The horse and groom public house Royston Cambridgeshire jan 2020

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Apr 2, 2011
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This old pub has not been done in a while so this is a bit of an update on the place

Not a lot of history about apart from it pulled its last pint and severed its last sunday roast around 2002 due to its location slammed bang right next to one way traffic on the A505.
going by the decor you can see it was once a nice village pub/family restaurant fighting for trade on this very busy road.
over the years since closure it had planning turned down to be transformed into a budget hotel but in December 2018 planning was granted to pull it down and make way for three fast food joints with drive thru.
the explore was just me on solo as my fellow explorer chris34 was at work and i have random days off but very much relaxed apart from the traffic whizzing past.
over the last 18 years this place nature is taking over it has had a fire and the manger flat is a bit dodgy so i only got to the top of the stairs there is a celler but i never had my touch so i did not get to see it.

anyway one with the pics

49455316013_87210256c1_b.jpgIMG_2451 by Alexander forsyth, on Flickr

49456017697_40eddfbb93_b.jpgIMG_2454 by Alexander forsyth, on Flickr

49456019877_56228e79ff_b.jpgIMG_2455 copy by Alexander forsyth, on Flickr

49455789501_bff0d0c236_b.jpgIMG_2457 by Alexander forsyth, on Flickr

49456021867_2124429718_b.jpgIMG_2459 by Alexander forsyth, on Flickr

49456021207_3d8b42fe88_b.jpgIMG_2461 copy by Alexander forsyth, on Flickr

49455322238_c959672d51_b.jpgIMG_2467 copy by Alexander forsyth, on Flickr

49455321693_aa112a7efd_b.jpgIMG_2471 by Alexander forsyth, on Flickr

cheers for looking and stay safe

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