YouTube urbx vids speeding up the rate of site deteriation?

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Naked Explore

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Apr 2, 2021
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In all honesty it's not really changed things that much, it's just accelerated the time it takes for a place to be trashed from 3 months to 1 month. You can't really blame YouTube for it all, online is online, google indexes and links everything. If you post a place online at all, anywhere, you have to accept that you're contributing to its downfall, whatever your personal ethos and ethics may be. The irony is that all those who bitch about the demise of urbex and the rise of urban tourism are the very people who contributed to and participated in it's evolution in the first place. The whole thing started with us. Those in glass houses shouldn't throw stones, as they say.

On the whole, urban exploration (in both senses of the word) died and became urban tourism many (at least 10) years ago, arguably urban exploration has never really existed at all, it's just an edgy phrase people used to make themselves sound cool (also reflecting YouTubers attitudes now, oh the irony). There's really nothing special about it, there's barely any exploration involved, you're just looking around mouldy old buildings like many before you have and many after you will. That doesn't stop it being interesting though, and it's simply human nature to want to do things that you find interesting.
Spot on.

Been exploring buildings since before it was ever referred to as Urbex ect and way before the internet.

Since about 2004 I have taken a camera simply as a record as a lot ends up being destroyed and all that remains is memories.

night crawler

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Jan 25, 2009
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North Berkshire.
I feel we go around and record the moment as the next it will be gone. Look at us as documents of the dereliction around, it will soon be gone. I personally do not watch the videos I do feel it brings more attention to a place that it does not need and I really do not agree with drones. IMO a camera is for taking photos with not video though I dare say a lot of it is done with phones now

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