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Talking Stratford a Boring Garage with an Excellent Surprise - March 2012

My Second report - Visited with fellow crew-member D2.
Not really sure what to say about the first set of pictures and wasn't sure where to put this report as it's kind of a split one, but just went for the first set - admins - if you wish to move this, feel free

This old garage is something I go past almost every day and thought i'd go there for a little poke about and get some fairly uninteresting shots - for the surprise, you'll have to scroll down a bit - OOH, SUSPENCE.

First of all, the garage is pretty mashed up, couldn't find any way onto the second floor, only onto the rooftops, and being in broad daylight, that might have been a tad risky.


This is a very square building...

I know the views on graffiti on here aren't great, but when the building looks like this, I don't mind a splash of colour

Some kind of machine above where cars would have sat, anybody know what this was? As I said, couldn't find a way up to the second floor unfortunately


Electrical boxes (oh so many photos of these)


Side Doors

NOW, the interesting bit:

After wandering around the site for about 15 minutes we stumbled across some arches, on a whim I decided to try and get a shot of them at a side angle, and ended up discovering a network of tunnels

D2 gave me a bit of information about this actually, on this pipe you'll see a set of goggles on top, he said they're about 3 years old as nobody uses them anymore due to shatter proofing, so in theory, nobodies been down here for that long (i'd like to think that anyway)

It was incredibly dark down here so the shots have been my first time playing with a low shutter speed on my camera, some of them came out better than others and I hope you can see them all good, here's what we saw upon entry:

Now: these rooms, we came to a clearing after ducking under that pipework and found that the tunnels went incredibly far right, unfortunately, the gaps were quite tight and I wasn't exactly dressed for hole crawling (but I might be some other time)

If anybody knows what this was for then please let me know, I could see the entrance to another one through one of the holes, but it had been slightly filled in.

The Hole - not very clear on the picture, but literally went on for as far as my torch could reach - like I said, would be a squeeze to get down there, but I might try.

Upon turning around to leave we found this old thing that looked and was about the same size as a bed, but the frame was really rather weak, if anybody can ID this, that would be cool
Also: was trying out light painting to light this shot, didn't really turn out great with an LED torch - but was better than a flash shot.

So that was that, on our way out we ran into builders, they must have been on lunch or something and annoyingly, the site looked totally abandonned when we waltzed in - they were nice though and opened up the main gate for us, which saved some climbing - hopefully we'll still be able to come back before they do anything major...

Here's one of me: self timed because I thought i'd look cool, ended up looking like I was watching a spider or something

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